Should We Develop A Ray Rans Sunglasses Factory Because of Economy?

Generally speaking, no sooner had I gotten such an alternative topic like this than I remembered one axiom told by my political teacher in high school that I’d better hide my real standpoint firstly unless I did not want a higher score. However, provided that anyone could have a little more patience to understand my following demonstration I would gladly be willing to state clearly my position that I strongly believed that the top priority should be given to economic development through the set of Ray Rans Sunglasses factory.

First and foremost, I want to ask question, have anyone heard such a famous saying like that: economic base decides superstructure? I believe most people must and should have learned it no matter from history books or politics books. So question here, what could be could superstructure? Apparently it is the form of nation, system of government, policy and other important activities of human society. As we all know, the propaganda of environment protection just started and developed from recent several decade, some appealed by government, some by no-government organizations. Here I want to figure out that such activities no matter from government or not it all should have government’s support or acquiesce for that we are still governed by government. Let alone your activities will be banned if the government do not stand on your point, without the support of the most powerful government, your activities still cannot have any good result, even this topic won’t be seen by us all. So, it is no doubt that government stand on the dominant place, and the propaganda such as environment protection is also led by government’s policy. So question comes again, who decides government’s policy? Apparently again it is economy. Thus we get such a conclusion that economic development is more important than environmental protection, in other words, in we humans’ society, only when the economy develops first and well can we have the possibility and spare time to make mention of environmental protection. So we have to build a Rans Sunglasses factory.

Just like the primitive man who lived in tens of thousands of years ago, as they could not even satisfy their stomach, how could you have the desire to mention about environmental protection to them? Surely, maybe here is not proper to talk such a topic with the primitive man. But if you have a little time to turn over even one page of the history book about the evolution and development of human and humans’ society, you will get a glimpse of such a truth that it is after so many revolutions about industry, agriculture, currency, society and so on that we humans begin to come to the question of environment.

Here is another old well-known saying: do as the Romans do when in Rome. Definitely, we are in humans’ place and we should follow the human nature. There is no people are willing to deal with the environmental problems if they are hungry. So, do develop your economy first. Build a Rans Sunglasses factory first.

So, I strongly believed that the top priority should be given to economic development. In short, we should develop a Rans Sunglasses factory.